Monday 12-26-16

Greetings and welcome!

Tuesday Morning

The power was restored about 10pm.


Tonight about 4:30 we had some really strong wind gusts come through the area. I don’t know if they were 50, 60mph or what, but there were 4-5 amazingly strong wind gusts. Right about then the lights went out and I have been on Honda power ever since.

When I checked the outage map the first time at around 5pm there were around 26K people out of power, now they are down to 5,000. The Wabeno district that includes us has 1,007 out. I have nothing but praise for the WPS line crews, and I know that it will be back up ASAP.

In the meantime the temperature dropped and that slushy base on the plowed driveway has now frozen up nicely.  It will help the cause.



It was an ugly ride to work this morning on top of the freezing rain and little bit of snow that held it on the road. Twenty two miles took me just over an hour. That was with new snow tires and a lot of experience in conditions like that. Sane people would have turned around.

In sunny areas a lot of that is just gone. We have really strong winds, some sun, and area stations reported highs of about 45ºF. That all added up to losing a lot of what we got.

Whatever is left at sunset should turn into frozen base. Unfortunately a lot of plowed roads are back to bare, but the rest of the system will benefit from it. Once it freezes up one good snow should kick off the season. There are a couple of minor snow chances, and then a big storm possible about a week out. That is the one that I have my hopes pinned on.

Behind the storm we have strong winds gusting to 40+mph. There were a lot of small branches down, and some power outages too.