Monday 12-28-2020

Greetings and welcome!

The snow yesterday afternoon and last night added up to a little more than an inch. It was very fine snowflakes that came a little at a time. The wind blew it around a little so I am going to say between an inch and two inches. I can no longer see the grass tops and leaves, but they aren’t far under the snow.

When I am watching TV and I don’t like the show I pick up the remote and change the channel. I need to find the clicker for my forecast models. Right now the European model is showing a total snowfall for the next 10 days at a total of about 4-5″. (Click)

The Wednesday storm is being shown as weaker than before and mostly staying in the southern half of WI. With what I am seeing this morning we will be lucky to get 2″. There is a small New Years Day storm that could add a couple of inches. The GFS is showing another storm for about the 8th that could bring a little more snow.

While I am not seeing any big snow producing storms I am also not seeing any big thaws or big polar vortex sponsored deep freezes or anything like that, so I suppose that there is some good in the forecast. There is that and the fact that we are making frost in the ground and ice on the lakes with our thin snow cover.

I wish that I had a different story to tell. Forecasts can change and that is what we are hoping for today.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!