Monday 12-30-19

Tue Am- A dry slot opened up over our area and stopped the snow about 9pm. I am sure that I have at least 4″, probably more at the Silver Cliff house.


Greetings and welcome!

We had a lot of rain last night. Like the rain a couple of nights ago it was a powerful storm. The radar estimates are in the 1/2-3/4 inch range. This morning it changed over to snow about 8am. Initially it was big goose down flakes but it quickly settled down into a gentleĀ  powdery snow.

The rain and warm day somewhat eroded the slick ice on the road yesterday and honycombed it enough to make it a lot less slippery. A little bit blew out but there is still a pretty good ice layer on side roads.

The snow so far today (3:45pm) is between two and three inches. It is bonding to the ice nicely. You can see from my footprints that there is some moisture under the snow.

I expect the snow to go on for a while but I am not sure about the 6-10 totals that were predicted. I guess that we will see.

I also want to say that the snow totals will be higher north and west where the rain changed to snow sooner. A dramatic example of this was seen on my ride home from Crivitz this morning about 9:30am. When I left Crivitz it was just changing over to snow. By Hwy X the road was getting covered. When I turned from A onto C heading west there was over an inch, and when I got to the house near Caldron Falls there was close to 2″. A distance of 30 miles northwest meant an extra 2″ of snow, and there is probably a similar gradient to our west.

The morning news showed Hwy 8 going west out of Laona as snow covered and slippery at about 6am. That area must have changed over to snow much sooner.

Here are some pictures that I did at about 3:30pm. One is the garage roof where the new snow fell on the edge, one is my footprints, and one to show the gentle snow.

More to follow..


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