Monday 12-6-2021

Greetings and welcome!

There was no significant snow on the back of the storm. My official total is going to be 8″ and maybe a fraction more. I did see people on FaceBook that showed as much as 10 or 12 in their specific spot, but it was the exception not the rule. The noon news showed higher totals in the UP to the east of us ( Think Munising & Escanaba) where lake effect totals were 4+ inches higher.

The big story today is the wind and cold. It is 24 degrees right now, but with a howling wind that is gusting to almost 40mph. Tonight the NWS says a low of -3 and winds up to 25mph, and tomorrow the winds die down but we are in for a high temp of only 14.

The temperatures do moderate a little later this week.

I have not had a chance to look too far ahead in the forecast more than a brief look. It is my little rule to let the forecast models have a day or two after a storm to ‘settle down’ and get a handle on things going forward. At any rate it looks like a small storm could hit us Thursday into Friday with a couple of inches. Behind that is a gen-u-ine Colorado low/Gulf of Mexico fed storm for Saturday and Sunday. If it stays on track with what the European model is showing it could be a 6-8″ snow. The GFS is pushing it farther north and giving us a couple of inches. We have a few days to sort that all out.

I am off to go brave the winds and chase the snowblower around again and hopefully punch through the latest snow plow pile at the end of the driveway.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!