Monday 12-9-19

Greetings and welcome!

I had another big work day planned for today. Thankfully I was working for myself because when I walked out the door I immediately cancelled all travel. We have freezing drizzle that on top of compact snow or any hard surface made an icy glaze. The temperature is right above the freezing point so there is a little water on top of the glaze of ice making it very slick. I didn’t even start the truck.

We are expecting it to change to snow, and as of 2pm it is starting to mix in.The water on top of the ice will bond to the snow and eventually make travel sane again. We are expecting about 2.5″ of snow.

Behind the snow we are expecting a couple of cold days. Tomorrow we could see a high of 13 and Wednesday a high of 7. Overnight lows could go -8 or -10. With a little wind we could see wind chills of -15.

The snow from a week ago Sunday has settled quite a bit and is very sturdy. We got into the mid-30s yesterday and that compacted it more. I probably have as much as 8-12″ in some spots and as little as 6″ in others. It doesn’t sound like much but it is cement snow. Yesterday I could only take about a 4″ strip at a time with the snowblower. That was a full load for the 8hp engine, and it wasn’t throwing it far.

In my travels late last week and over the weekend I saw a lot of activity to get trails ready. There is plenty to do with the damage from the past few ice/snow storms. Other than Dun-Good the Marinettte, Forest and Oconto trails are closed while they clean up storm damage and get trails ready.

Something  that came up over the weekend is that riding off of the trail might be an extra bad idea this year. A lot of trees came down and there are a lot of stumps and debris hidden under the snow. We need to stay on the trail anyway, and now there is some extra motivation to do so.

The antique snowmobile show in Middle Inlet was a huge success. When I drove by early afternoon there were cars and trucks and people everywhere.


I was in the middle of a hectic work day and couldn’t stop. It was great to see so many people at the event. Farther down Hwy X Koch’s Performance had an open house where he shows his really nice collection of vintage Yamaha snowmobiles. There were lots of cars and trucks there too.

That is news for today. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!