Monday 12/12/16

Greetings and welcome!

By 5 am this morning our 3″ of snow had turned into 4″. That is what I measured on my car hood and the yard near by. It is a decent little blanket of snow, probably enough for a gravel ride, but that is about it. It will help by adding a thin layer to untreated roads.

The big news is the cold weather ahead. There is some light snow moving through the area that is expected to add up to less than an inch. That snow marks the passing of a cold front that will keep us under 10 degrees until the weekend. With Tuesday and Wednesday bringing some gusty winds too, it looks like a cold week.

Friday and Saturday are expected to warm up into the mid-teens as a storm comes our way. Right now I am expecting something along the lines of what we saw Sunday with 3-4″ and a cold windy finish.