Monday 12/28/15

Greetings and welcome!

It is actually 12:15am Tuesday, but still Monday night.

Anyway the storm was a good one. In the front yard I had measurements of 7-8″, and it was deeper by the work shed, probably closer to 10″. My official preliminary total is 8-9 inches, but I haven’t been farther than the work shed.

The snow started about 5:30 and came hot n heavy right up to midnight. It was driven by a strong wind that the TV says gusted close to 40.

I know that when I tried to go on an errand about 6:30pm I turned around after a mile or so. The snow wasn’t that deep then, but I couldn’t see much past the end of my hood. The snow was in excess of an inch an hour, and being driven by the wind. It was pretty much a whiteout.

I will get a lot better look around in the morning once I start digging out.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!