Monday 12/28/2009

Greetings and welcome!

We had a little snow overnight as a small band of lake effect snow came down from Lake Superior. The back of the big storm is passing through and the winds have shifted around to the north, bringing us a little lake effect snow. We will also see a little wind and dropping temperatures.

The conditions that I saw yesterday were excellent. There is a nice ice base, a lot of compacted snow, and a big dose of powder on top. The only questions that I have are about the areas to our south getting a little more rain, and how low spots dealt with the rain and puddles.There were some soggy spots, but those will no doubt freeze in over the next few nights when temps hover near zero.

My travels since the storm have been between here and Athelstane and north of C by road. I will be heading to Lakewood and Townsend in a little while and will get a look around that area.

I had plans for a ride today, but that four letter word that keeps us off of the trail, work, has again filled my day beyond capacity. I am somewhere between wild about missing my ride time and delighted to have work.

I suppose it will be ok, I am still waiting on my new carbides anyway. Apparently I scorched the ones off of the RXL last year and forgot about it, and with our icy base I might want those. When I rode the other day it was a rough ride with turning being considered a suggestion to be acted on eventually rather than a carving action.It will be much more fun with steering.

Well I am off to go and dive into the day. Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!