Monday 1/25/16

Greetings and welcome!

We have incoming snow for tonight and tomorrow morning. As of right now at 5:25pm it is still about 100 miles out. The general consensus is 1-3 or 2-4, but the NWS has thrown the possibility of an extra inch or two out there in our Winter Weather Advisory and Hazardous Weather outlook.

Right now it is a mist that is freezing to everything. It has been doing that since early this morning. It is probably less than 1/8″ of ice, but it is enough to glaze things that are cold. Right now we are at 28ºF.

There are additional snow chances mid and late week as a series of clipper systems come through with an inch or three. I have also been watching a big storm for about 2/3. It is hard to get excited about a storm 9 or 10 days out, but it has been there consistently for a couple of model runs.

We could really use this storm. The 8-10 from a couple of weeks ago has served us well for what it was, but we really need some snow.

Road trails are a big part of our riding, and this winter has not been good to us for that ice layer. Likewise rough areas are still rough with minimal snow to fill them in and cover them up. Marginal areas like Chute Pond and the High Falls and Caldron Falls Flowages area are pretty thin. Reports have the railroad grade in Lakewood as poor.

As is often the case, conditions improve considerably as you go even 15 or 20 miles north. If I were to ride today I’d probably head to the Goodman area and north & west.

In the meantime I will keep an eye on the snow and update in the am.

One last note.. I don’t really like the way that the page displays comments and the comment link. It is too hidden up by the date of the post. I will fix that, but for now I put a Recent Comments widget in the right hand column so that the comments were more visible.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!