Monday 2-18-2013

Greetings and welcome!

What an incredible weekend! I don’t think the area has seen a weekend like that in a couple of years. The trails were fantastic by all accounts, and riders turned out in force to enjoy them.

The rain last weekend seemed like a bad thing at the time, but it turned out as a really solid ice base, frosted with a couple of inches of snow. Even with big traffic levels the trails managed to stay really nice. People were pretty happy about it, and i heard the phrase, “Best in years…” quite a few times. There were some icy corners to be sure, but that still beats rocks or mud.

I can’t thank the people that came to visit us at Rapids Resort enough. We had a lot of riders visit and it was pretty impressive. Everyone was fun and friendly, and generally having a great time. Thank you to the people that visited and special thanks to people who slipped me a donation. You are all very greatly appreciated.

We were expecting some snow overnight and maybe some freezing drizzle. As it turns out the storm is taking its time getting here, and we have a 38 and partial sun day going. We could see a little precip out of it later today and tonight, but it is not expected to be more than an inch or two. At one point it looked like a 6-12″ storm with southern moisture support, but that has been scaled back considerably. We still have the southern support as evidenced by the 38 degree day, maybe we will get a pleasant surprise out of it.

Expecting freezing drizzle today I went and did my Lakewood, Townsend, and Carter run last night at about sunset. The trails along the roads looked to be in excellent condition even after a heavy traffic weekend.

A quick look at the forecast & models shows that the typical push of cold air behind tonight’s storm will keep us in below normal temperatures for the week. We are expecting mid and upper teens for highs through Thursday. Friday and Saturday could bring 20s, and Sunday a high around 30. The sun can still be troublesome at this time of year, but when I don’t see 30 degrees until the far side of next weekend I see a lot of hope for another good weekend coming up. There is also a late week storm that could bring a little snow just in time to freshen things up for the weekend.

I’d love to stick around for a longer visit, but it is a nice day outside, the trails are in great shape, and the gas tanks are full. I have about an hour of chores to do, then I am going to spend a little time with the RXL and hopefully take it for a spin.

I will leave you with some pictures of people that visited last weekend. Thank you again to everyone, and thank you for visiting!


Hi Greg from John & Kelly at Rapids Resort!

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