Monday 2-21-2022

Greetings and welcome!

The wind over the weekend was crazy strong. At one point I saw that the NWS measured 29mph winds gusting to 49. The places that the snow did stack up got nice and deep. Too bad that there was only 2-3″ of snow for it to blow around.

Yesterday we had a sunny and 46 degree day. As you would expect that did not go well for the trails. There is definitely some ugliness out there. Most of the base survived it, but the dirt and snirt areas took it hard. We are going to want some snow to cover all of that up.

We have snow in the forecast. The first storm is coming today and tonight. That one looks like it will hit mostly north of Hwy 8, but we could see an inch out of it.

The one for Tuesday and Tuesday night has been downgraded a little. The NWS says that we could see 3-4″. My forecast models still have it snowing 6″ or a little more for right here and as much as 8-9″ a little farther north. It would only take a minor shift in storm track to bring that home here. Hopefully that goes our way.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!