Monday 2-23-15

Greetings & welcome!

Thank you to all that made it a fun weekend. The area was really busy with snowmobilers. Everywhere that I went there were riders and sleds, people pulling trailers, and the trail stops all had a busy day. It was good to see so many people out on the trails.

We saw about 2-3″ of puffy squeaky snow Friday night, and that helped the cause. The trails got hit but with the cold weather they took it pretty well. The trails that I saw going to and from work Monday looked fine and inviting. The only exception was the trail crossing on 141 north of Crivitz looked a little bare.

Sunday night brought one of the coldest nights of the year. Athelstane Weather marked a record low of -25.8, and the TV 2 news showed Mountain in at -27. A friend in Wabeno had -30, and people around Wausaukee reported similar numbers. Today I saw a high of 10 in Wausaukee and there was a brisk wind.

Tonight and tomorrow we will be seeing a little warmer temperatures as light snow moves into the area. Tomorrow we could see mid or upper 20s, but with a 10-20mph wind gusting to 30 blowing the snow around, it might not be as pleasant as it sounds.

After the snow we are in for another cold blast that is expected to moderate just in time for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday could be in the low and mid-20s.

With all of the events, good trails, and nice weather I would expect a big weekend for riding in the area.

The last time that we visited I strongly urged you to ride the next two weekends. The GFS is showing the cold weather pattern moderating the first week in March. There is a good chance that we will continue to see good trails for March 7th weekend the way that it looks now.

The following week I am seeing some well above 32 temps. It is only a couple of days at the end of a 16 day forecast model, but eventually it will be our future. Likewise our longer days and higher sun angle have been kept at bay by arctic temperatures. That too will catch up with us.

The point is, ride ’em while you can.

I had to work my day job last Saturday so I wasn’t at Rapids. I did stop in later in the evening and met a few people. Thanks again for making it so fun. Shout out to Kevin & Ray.

Here are a few pictures..

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!


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