Monday 2-25-19

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(Sunday Night)

The wind is just ripping outside and really roaring in the treetops. The TV says gusts to 40 and 50 mph. I’d say its all of that and possibly more. I understand why they kept the blizzard and winter storm warnings going, especially seeing the snow clouds blowing across the back field. This was a strong storm and there will be strong winds and a big push of arctic cold air.

When I went to do cleanup I found an inch or so of saturated snow that was turning to ice. On top of that was 5-6″ of heavy snow. Now the temperature is dropping to the single digits below zero, turning the slush layer into a block of ice. Cleaning the cars was no fun. There was a very stubborn layer of ice.

022419b 022419a

When I was going out for firewood I measured the snow next to the path. I found an average of 30-32″. There are deeper spots where the sun can’t hit the snow, and 24″ spots where it can.


There is more snow on the way. There is a 3-5″ storm on tap for Tuesday night-Wednesday morning and a bigger storm for the weekend.

We also have a couple of events coming up this weekend.

022419d 022419e

I want to thank everyone that came to Rapids resort this weekend. It was a very busy weekend on the trails and it was great to see so many old friends. Thank you for your support! Here are some pictures..

022419f 022419g 022419h 022419i 022419j 022419k 022419l

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!


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  1. Sounds like Winter Paradise to me!! I guess you gotta take the bad (ice) with the good (tons of snow..literally)…. i’m sure it’s making up for the lousy early season, and recent previous sucky seasons… All we got here in Northeastern FIB-land is dirty piles and useless and treacherous ice, ice, ice, and more ice…. Hopefully your snowpack will last well into April… Nuthin’ beats late season sleddin’ (and skiing)!!!!!!

    Think [more] SNOW!!

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