Monday 2-26-18


Greetings and welcome!

Today was brutal. The warmest that I saw on my car today was 46. Athelstane Weather marked almost 48. Yes the sun was out.

From what I saw between here and Hwy X today the trails stood up pretty well considering the assault that they were under. The roads got ugly and some sunny spots got soggy, but there is still a lot of really good trail out there.

The sun was ugly. When I was driving down Parkway Rd the 3″ thick glacier that passes for road maintenance in the Town of Stephenson was melting down. There were big puddles and deep slush. The trail right next to the road was taking it pretty well. My guess is that it was the difference in color.

Ron and Brian each left comments on yesterday’s update on where they found good trails. Take a look. Thanks you guys!

I just looked at the GFS forecast model and I am not a happy guy. Thursday’s storm is still over 100 miles away with even light snow, and tomorrow could be five degrees warmer than today. It is very depressing.

If you get a chance to ride tomorrow jump on it. The sun and warmth didn’t win today but eventually they will.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!