Monday 2-6-2017 Evening Update

Greetings and welcome!

We had some melting today with a little sun and low 30s for temperatures. It wasn’t catastrophic, but it did thin out roads, parking lots, and thin spots on marginal trails a little.

When I went from Wausaukee to Crivitz and back the trails along 141 had a lot of dirt. Wausaukee along Perch Lake Rd was a little better with a lot of base and hit n miss dirt. The trails along C in Silver Cliff looked good. Anything there and northwest should be good. Road trails are still thin.

We have a storm pending for tonight and tomorrow. The forecast models have submitted  a wide variety of scenarios. A week ago this was a monster storm with heavy snow and high winds. Tonight’s NWS forecast has us under 2″ and a possibility of mixed precipitation.

One thing that has been consistent in recent model runs is us in a precip gap. To the north and south the snow or rain will be heavier. Here in the gap we won’t see much of whatever comes. A 50 mile shift would change that dramatically so I am struggling with that a little.

I am also seeing a difference of opinion between the NAM and GFS models. The GFS is more generous with the snow or mix than the NAM. Forecasts seem to be favoring the lighter scenario. I am holding out hope and looking for a pleasant surprise.

Whatever comes can only help. Freezing rain would be good for road trails and a little new snow is always welcome.

After a cold blast behind the storm there is a chance of 2-4″ Friday, and we are expecting mid-30s for highs this weekend. That all sounds good.

I know that there are events for this weekend, but I haven’t gathered them all up yet. In the meantime, here is Chris’ list from

February 11
High Falls Fish-O-Rama, Snowmobile Radar Run & Winter Fest
Food, beverages, raffles in heated tent, 800′ track. Trophies in all classes. Sponsored by the Twin Bridge Water Ski Team. 12 miles NW of Crivitz, Boat Landing 3 Road. For more information call 715-757-3511.

February 11
2nd Annual Craft-O-Rama at the Stephenson Town Hall from 9am – 4pm.
Craft show to benefit Twin Bridge Rescue Squad. Also raffles and drawings. To sell at this event, contact Rose at 715-927-7005.

February 18-19
42nd Annual Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club Fish A Ree. Held at the Townsend Town Hall, Hwy 32, Townsend.
Fishing Contest both days with prizes awarded in four categories. Saturday from 11AM to 6PM and Sunday from noon to 4PM. Visit website for more information.

February 18
Crooked Lake Fish-O-Rama
at Fire House in Crooked Lake

Saturday, February 27-Vintage Sled Ride at Thunder Lake Lodge

That is it for tonight. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!