Monday 2-6-2023

Greetings and welcome!

That was quite a weekend. There were thousands of riders around. I expect that next weekend will be like that too if the weather stays favorable.

When I ran to the gas station yesterday afternoon the trails looked nice and flat everywhere that I saw. Some people there told me that traffic had caused some thin spots. That isn’t surprising. We had a big ice base but less than a foot of snow on top of it. It is amazing that they held up as well as they did.

We have some weather coming in this afternoon. The forecast is for snow, rain, and freezing rain. The morning weather forecast on TV showed us right in the bull’s eye of the heaviest snow. Bring it.

There is a storm on watch for Thursday. The models have gone back and forth on this one and there is no right answer. The crux of the biscuit is that 50 miles will make all of the difference between a 6″+ snowfall, and watching the whole thing from the cheap seats. Right now it looks favorable for us getting at least some snow.

The first 94 Indy Trail is out of the shop, cleaned up, and ready for race day. Naturally I took a little ride to celebrate.

Twin #2 ran into the shop under its own power. It only has 1,300 miles on it so it should be pretty tight. I won’t be happy until I pull the suspension and grease all of the shafts and put in premium bearings, so I have that ahead of me. It probably doesn’t need it, but I am a little bit of a freak that way. I like to know that my snow pony is in top shape because sometimes I ride alone.

I did learn something yesterday though. Even though I use premium $15 a tube synthetic grease that has a temperature range of -60 to +425F, it does not pump out of the grease gun very well after being frozen to -24F. That came into the house to thaw overnight and I will get back to those fittings tomorrow. (Link to grease)

I am a huge fan of that grease though. I use it on my trailer bearings. In my testing a freshly repacked bearing on my 10,000 pound camper was cool to the touch after running 30 miles at 60+mph. If it does cold temps too that is the stuff.

One last thought.. the guy that came through the neighborhood at 7:30am Sunday morning throttle wanking with open pipes… you are an idiot. That is how trails get shut down. I heard you coming a half mile away from inside the house. I won’t complain but don’t be surprised when someone does and we end up with a trail re-route. Just try to be reasonably quiet past houses. Nuff said.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!