Monday 2-8-2022

Greetings and welcome!
We had a sunny 30 degree day yesterday. I was a little surprised that it only got up to 30. Based on how much melting that there was on side roads I would have expected mid or upper 30s. The trails generally took it pretty well, though I’m sure that some sunny spots suffered. With that thaw/freeze some free snow probably went away too.

I would not hesitate to ride right now, and if I weren’t buried in stuff to do, it would be at the top of my list.

The sun is definitely becoming a player in our trail conditions now. We are up to 10:05 hours of daylight up from 8:43 at the winter solstice, and are adding 3 minutes a day. By the end of the month we are up to 11:05 hours of daylight. With a lot of our trails stained or snirty that sun will be eventually having its way in a lot of spots.

We have some warm days ahead this week too. We are looking at 32 today, 35 tomorrow and Friday, and 26 Wednesday.

There is a minor chance for snow Wednesday and a chance of a decent clipper Thursday night into Friday. Hopefully that late week snow comes through and leaves everything pretty for the weekend.

At the moment the trails are mostly really nice. How will the week unfold? I don’t know. I would not change plans to ride the weekend. Too often the forecast is worse than the weather.

I will keep you up to date.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!