Monday 3-5-18

Greetings and welcome!
We have a storm to watch today. It is a little bit of an unusual path for a winter storm in that it is coming out of South Dakota and tracking either east or southeast.

In the end we are looking for a couple of inches tonight and three or four tomorrow. The TV is showing 5.8″, but has been as low as a total of 4″. The NWS is looking for two tonight and three tomorrow. One thing that has been pretty consistent is that there will be some wind with the storm.

Having watched the various models over the weekend I am a little skeptical. Several model runs have shown the storm pivoting out of our area just in time to limit snowfall. If we get a dead on hit, sure 4-7 is possible.

If we do get the snow it will make for some interesting trails. Sheltered areas still hold a base in various stages of decay. Sunny areas are bare and get very muddy after about 10am.

Iron Snowshoe remains closed south of Hwy C.
Red Arrow in Townsend is saying,” if you can make it to the woods, there is still some nice riding with icy spots and bare mixed in, but try and avoid the Nicolet grade it is mostly bare in a lot of spots. “TRAILS ARE FAIR TO POOR WHEN FACTORING IN THE GRADE”.”
The Dun-Good Riders is reporting “Very good” conditions with some dirt in logging areas.
So as usual, if the snow comes, north and west will likely be better.

I am looking at the ugly mud bog in the sunny area of my driveway and wondering about areas like that with 6″ of snow.

For now all that we can do is wait and see how it turns out.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!