Monday 3-6-2023 Updated 5pm

Greetings and welcome!

5pm- I went and measured the snow and I got 5-6″ in my driveway. It sure looks like a lot more out in the yard. It has been snowing big flakes at a good rate since my 2:30 update. It is really stacking up and it is a very sturdy cement snow. If it were a little colder out it would likely be 8 or 9 inches. Maybe at this time of year the cement snow is what we want.

2:30pm-What a goofy snowstorm…

I went out just before 2pm and measured about 4″. It was a little surprising to come up that low, it looks like a lot more in the trees. We’ve had medium flakes, small flakes, some really big flakes, and apparently some rain.

This is most definitely packing snow. My footprints in the snow were immediately soaked on the bottom from whatever rain that came.  When I was out measuring there was some rain to what was falling, but it was mostly snow. It is 33 degrees.

This will be excellent trail base snow but a real chore to clean up in the driveway. I doubt that even my biggest 2 stage blower would throw it five feet.

At 2 pm it is still snowing pretty hard. The radar looked like it was almost over late this morning, but it keeps redeveloping. It would not surprise me to see this keep going for a few more hours. I’ll take it.

The storm was significant for other people. The morning news showed a lot of traffic accidents down by Green Bay. With the high moisture content I am sure that the snow packed right down into ice on the roads. The local schools like Crivitz started 2 hours late. Up in Pembine, Goodman, and Armstrong Creek they closed schools today.

The question on everyone’s mind… is this enough to save next weekend. Unknown Captain.. but looking promising..  Tomorrow’s 41 and sunny is the wildcard. After that the week stays cloudy and below 40. There is also a storm coming for Friday that could bring 3-4″ and possibly a little more. Right now it is snowing like crazy with big flakes coming fast. Adding all of that up I’d say that the glass is half full.

I am happy about the packing snow for the trails. When I was at Rapids Saturday hearing snowmobile carbides scrape across all of that bare asphalt had all of us on the smoking porch just cringing. I know what I pay for runners and my wallet hurt just hearing the riders go by. Hopefully the packing snow will fix that.

Here is a look out of my front door at 2:30pm.

Here are a couple of longtime friends that I ran into at Rapids Saturday night..

Now at 2:30 it is REALLY coming down with big flakes coming fast. This weekend is looking better and better…

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!