Monday 3-9-15

Greetings and welcome!
It is a hard pill to swallow, but it looks like the season is just about over. There are places to ride off-trail, but the trails that I saw today were about done. There was a good bit of dirt in Wausaukee, and some dark snirt on trails closer to home here in Silver Cliff. The ice layer on side roads took a good beating today and is gone except for in shady spots, where little remains.

We saw mixed clouds and sun and a high of 53. There was a wind that made it feel a little cooler, but the sun was warm and the wind sped up the melting.

Like I said there are riding opportunities on forest road trails and sheltered areas, but most of us are done around here. HeadingĀ  north might help. Things change a lot even 10 miles north up by Benson Lake Rd and north to Hwy 8.

Tuesday is supposed to be sunny and 55 and theere are a lot of warm days ahead.

HereĀ  are some pictures from the weekend. Thank you all for visiting!


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