Monday December 11th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

It is a cold one tonight and there is more cold on the way.

The radar Sunday showed the UP getting a lot of lake effect snow east of the Keweenaw and over toward Marquette. A look at the web cams in the area showed enough down for a zip around the yard.

The storm last night was a dud as far as snow around here. I saw a little snow falling in the light rain mix late last night, but it wasn’t much of either.

The cold wave behind the storm is a dandy. Our high today was 39 and that was at 12:01am. Most of the day today it was below 30, and there was a brisk wind. It is 23 as of 10pm, and we are expecting low temperatures in the mid-teens tonight and down to 10-15 Tuesday night. Tuesday only looks like a high of 27.

People with unheated cabins with water systems should be nervous right now. Most systems can get away with low overnight temps in the upper teens as long as the day warms up. With low to mid-teens at night and upper 20s for daytime highs, I’d be very worried. Normally I don’t start my well house heater until about Thanksgiving. I turned it on late yesterday.

At the same time, people that like the ground and lakes frozen are having a good early week. We will see ice being made on the lakes, and the ground is already firming up.

It isn’t winter yet, there will still be some warm weather ahead. After Wednesday it looks like low to mid-40s for highs right through the weekend. Our normal hi/lo is 39/25 for today.

Work progressed over the weekend on both firewood and the snowmobile that I am working on. Saturday started out wet and rainy, so I made my run to town. Later I worked on the friend’s sled out in the blue room, pulling the suspension and checking over the lower drive line. Sunday was a pretty nice day, so I made the best of it working on firewood, the plow truck, the car, on and on.

Saturday morning I stumbled into a deal on some LED floodlights for the shop. The lighting out there leaves a little to be desired and is expensive to run. The new lights put out as much as a 100 watt flood and use 20 watts. I bought a package deal of 5, so they cost less than florescent fixtures, and about the same as clamp lights. I like the idea of it, we will see how it goes next weekend when I get them set up.

Well it is time for me to put a log on the fire and get some sleep. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!