Monday December 12th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

It is a damp gray day of about 35 degrees. There was drizzle and mist, and that has turned to a light snow.

The news said that this morning the drizzle and fog was freezing to roads and causing slippery areas. I can tell you that the icy areas of my driveway where the snow is packed down are insanely slippery between the slight melting of the ice and a little rain on top. I am sure that those back roads that didn’t get plowed or have snow cover packed down to ice are the same way.

The misty drizzle and light snow should stick around into tonight and maybe into tomorrow morning. We then get a little break before another rain system moves in on Wednesday.There isn’t too much to be hopeful about with that one, it looks like more light rain and not much of a snowy finish.

(Got any more good news Mr Cheerful?)

Actually I do. The storm for about the 19th and 20th is being shown with the potential for a lot of snow, and there is a medium sized storm showing up about Christmas Eve.

It looks like very slim chances for riding opportunities this weekend unless the Wednesday-Thursday storm suddenly changes up and becomes snow. It has been pretty consistently shown as a mostly rain storm. We do at least have some hope in the outlook with the storms for next week.

For now it looks like a warm and rainy week ahead with high temps in the mid to upper 30s and lows around freezing. The weekend looks more normal with nice weather and temps in the mid-20s to low 30s.

The word at the local trail stop last night was that a couple of guys put trucks through the ice last weekend. Reports had ice in the 4-6″ range but I don’t know that first hand.

That is pretty much the news of the day. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!