Monday December 14th, 2009

Greetings and welcome!

We have a little snow falling this morning. The storm had the potential to bring us 5″ according to the forecasts, but based on present accumulations and the radar, it looks more like an inch or so.

The trails can open tomorrow. The big storm last week brought us 8-9″, and we can add an inch today. The Iron Snowshoe did go out and pack the trails, and now we are getting a little fresh stuff on top of it.

Usually I like to see a foot before I ride, but this is close, so I am up for giving it a try. There is a chance of snow over the weekend, and according to the GFS, the time between Christmas and New Years will bring several chances of snow. There are several chances for light snow peppered in here and there, count those under the nice surprise category.

Last week we had a couple of nights in the -6 to -12 range. They went a long way toward freezing up lakes and rivers, but the process is still way behind. Beware the ice until it gets thicker and know that it isn’t as far along as normal. A guess would be that we made 3-5 inches in the bays last week, and a few since. A lot of places were still open when it snowed a week ago.

We have plenty of cold weather coming, so it will get there. Tomorrow brings the promise of single digit highs and -10ish lows. The week will warm into the teens as it progresses, and twenties for the weekend. We will be making ice again this week. Again, beware the ice until it gets thicker, and know that it isn’t as far along as normal.

Our El Nino seems to be fairly painless so far, and it might be losing ground. The Nino 1 & now 4 regions are showing some colder water. All of the models are showing a decline in strength as winter progresses.

I only have anecdotal memory of this, but I associate a declining El Nino with a lot of snow.  I am looking back 3-5 years ago when the winter sucked, but we had a lot of snow in February and March. I had to go and shovel the roof, and a week later there was two more feet on it.  My thinking is that the snow came as the El Nino fell off.

Tomorrow we will be getting some ads here. It might come today if I have some downtime in my projects. It is the official start of the season and time to get them posted. These are the regulars like Bear Point and Hilltop that get it automatically. I have been too busy to go out and sell new ones. If you should be there, e-mail me and we can make it so. It is surprisingly cheap and it goes dollar for dollar toward my snowmobile stuff.

I still haven’t fired up the XLT yet. It was cold last week and I was pulling long hours on a big project. I will likely get my gravel ride in today. I am doing a server transfer and will have a little downtime on my projects. This will primarily affect my stores.

I will have something to show you guys soon. It is a store with a really cool product line and my most involved work to date. It should be ready in a day or two.

Quick update-Steve just e-mailed and asked when the Lakewood sno-cross is. I looked it up, and it is Jan 1-2. Here is a link. . Thanks Steve!

Well, I am going to get back to work so that I can go play later. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!