Monday December 29, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

And so the pendulum swings the other way..

It is a cold one out tonight. As of 8:30pm I have -5ยบ, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t go -9 or -10 tonight.

When I went to Lakewood and Townsend yesterday at about sunset the trails along the road all looked really good. They were groomed nice and flat and it looked like a decent base. The word on the street is that they had even more snow north, and trails are really nice up there.

With the cold weather expected to continue until Thursday or Friday, the trails made of high moisture snow should firm up nicely and make a great base.

About the only bad thing to say is that I never got my foot of frost in the ground after the big meltdown. Several people have warned about unfrozen swamps and low spots. I saw one really ugly picture from up in the lake effect snow belt area with a couple of guys hood deep in muck. I am not sure it is that bad here, but you could probably find some unfrozen swamp if you tried. This week’s cold should help that.

If the Marinette County roads are any indication, the storm left a nice ice layer on back roads and road trails too. Other than the county roads being really bad, it is a good thing for us. Those road trails make for some good trail connectors and shortcuts.

Based on the trails that I saw yesterday I wouldn’t hesitate to ride this week and weekend. With temperatures expected to be in the mid-20s, it even promises to be a comfortable weekend.

Saddle up! It looks like winter is here!

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!