Monday Feb 22, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

It is warmer than we would like to see today. Our high of about 32 is really 36, but at least it is mostly cloudy. We could see some flurries later today and tonight. Tomorrow brings hope of an inch or two, and more light snow is possible for Wednesday. Let’s hope that it comes true.

In the meantime north is still the hot ticket. People are reporting good trails north of C and especially north of Hwy 8. Townsend and Lakewood seem to be holding up well too.

On the other side of C Iron Snowshoe is closing trails. The F trail (to Crooked Lake) will stay open and trails north of C will as well. See their site for details.

Here are some people that visited Rapids Resort last weekend. Thank you!

I made a business proposition to a guy yesterday, and now it is time to bring it back to you. I have a friend that rides a lot. Think 200+ miles on a slow day, Copper Harbor and back on a good one. He rides almost daily. He is one of those 8,000+ mile a year guys, and he knows the trail conditions not just here, but anywhere within a couple of hundred miles. He just retired his ’02 Doo with almost 50,000 miles on it. Yes you read that right.

So I want to bring this guy on board. It is going to cost a lot, but I think that it will be worth it. It will take significantly increased donations and probably a sponsorship or two to make it happen. The upside is that the scope of the area covered will increase exponentially.

Now the question is are you guys up for stepping up the donations? Not just the same 25 people that generously donate every year, but the other 1,800 or so of you that visit regularly. I really hate the idea of a subscription based site and strongly prefer not to go that way.

The bottom line is that I don’t think that my 50 or 100 miles once or twice a week is keeping up with your needs. Rather than go all #4 on you or continuing to keep it as it is, I would rather improve and excel. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!