Monday February 10th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It was a lot quieter weekend than the second weekend in February usually brings. There were still a lot of riders out enjoying the really nice trails, just not as many as we are used to.

People had a variety of theories on why it was quieter than usual- The propane shortage, the cold weather, rumors of the OWI task force, good conditions statewide, and so on.

Nonetheless, a lot of people got out and hit the trails. Conditions were really good and people were having fun. The Computerologists rode their old sleds up from Random Lake Saturday, about a 250 mile ride. Bear Fan went the other way, riding from here to Manitowoc. I got to see some old friends and made some new ones, and it was pretty fun to be around Rapids Saturday afternoon. I will have a few pictures below.

People are starting to grow weary of the sub-zero every night and below normal days. Over the weekend the Green Bay weather channel said that they have had 35 nights below zero and 46 days below normal.

We are still adding to the count, it is -9 right now, we are expecting a high of 9, and tonight could go -16. Tomorrow looks a little better with a hi/low of 11/2. Our normal high/low for today is 26/3.

The good news is that the cold will eventually break. Wednesday and Thursday are expected to go into the 20s with some snow, and the weekend looks warmer with a chance of snow too. As long as the rubber band doesn’t snap back too far the other way, I am all for it.

I got a call Sunday asking me to remind people to take it easy on the driveway behind Rustic. Apparently some riders were going way too fast through there, and passing over a blind hill. It has been a challenge keeping that trail open and stuff like that doesn’t help. Take it easy through there.

Ok.. some pictures!





Well the rooster crowed so it is time to make the donuts. Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!