Monday February 15, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

This morning’s snow ended up being closer to 3″ than two. It was pretty consistent between here and Wausaukee. On the way home I saw that Iron Snowshoe groomed already today and the new snow looked very nice all packed down flat.

The week ahead could bring a little more snow Tuesday and then mostly normal temperatures. We are still in for 40s and rain for Friday. The weekend looks a little cooler than previous model runs, but the NWS still has us in the upper 30s.

Right now my gut says that we will be ok if we can get to Friday mostly intact. One day in the 40s and 0.25-0.5″ of rain won’t shut us down.

So far we are off to a good start. We added a couple of inches today and gave none of it back to the sun or warm day. It looks like that is the special for tomorrow too. Wednesday is expected to be cooler behind Tuesday’s snow, and Thursday we might hit 30.

Unless something gets way out of hand Friday or Saturday I’d look forward to a pleasant weekend for riding.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!