Monday February 16th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

Now that was quite a weekend! The weather was very cold and windy, but the people were great.

We started off the day with news that the High Falls Fish-O-Rama, Radar Run, and Winterfest had been cancelled. The 30-35+ mph wind gusts were having their way with the tent, the radar run track was drifting over, and the wind would whip up clouds of snow on the lake and bring whiteout conditions. They decided to reschedule for the 28th.

The day wasn’t just windy, it was cold too. I don’t think that we got over a degree or two for a high temp. While we might not have seen as many little ones as we might on a more seasonal day, there were a LOT of riders out on the trails. The cold weather kept the trails from growing too many whoopties and stutter bumps, and people were happy about that.

People seemed well prepared and were taking the weather in stride. There were a lot of groups and they were having a great time. I saw a lot of really nice and really fun people Saturday.

Looking at the weather outlook I am seeing more of the same for the next two weeks or so.. A little light snow followed by a cold blast, lather, rinse, repeat.

It looks like we will get through February without much danger of a big thaw, but about two weeks out the model is showing a scenario with a pretty significant pattern change, the change of bigger snows, and a little less arctic stuff.

One of the big cold blasts later in the model reach has cold air penetrating the southeast far enough that if the precip were there, it could snow in central Florida.

This week looks a lot like last weekend.. A little light snow Tuesday, Wednesday could see a high of 5 degrees with -25 wind chills, and Wednesday night -15 and -35 wind chills.

Thankfully things will moderate for the weekend with teens and 20s and a little light snow Friday night or Saturday.

Well it is getting late so I am off to sleep. Thank you all for a great weekend and thank you for visiting!