Monday February 3rd, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

That was quite a weekend around here for snowmobiling. There were a moderate amount of people out enjoying the really nice trails. I saw a few bumps develop, but generally the trails stayed really nice. I saw the groomer running both Friday and Saturday night to keep it that way.

Temperatures were pretty reasonable during the day. Friday was about 12, Saturday was in the mid to upper teens, and Sunday actually got into the low 20s.

Overnight temps were a different story. The clear skies brought radiational cooling, and our expected lows of -5 to -10 went a little lower than that. Friday night hit -12, Saturday night -15, and it is -19 now at 5:30 am.

There was also a little light snow Saturday. It only added up to a dusting but it added to the winter wonderland thing.

I was a bartender at Rapids Resort Saturday and that was very fun. I got to see a lot of people, and it was at a pretty manageable pace so I actually got to visit a little, and I did a lot of group pictures. I have a lot of editing to do, more than I have time for this morning, so I will have those for tomorrow.

treeworkSunday the guys from Climbers Anonymous (715-929-0166) came over and cut a big overgrown maple that was hanging over the house. It was not one that I could just drop, so they expertly roped the tops down as they cut them.

It was something that needed to be done, the top was dying back, and it was dropping some big widow maker branches.

It also served me well by doing it in winter, the sap from the tree is down in the roots, and the wood will dry a lot faster. Some of the dead stuff was heating my house last night.

By the time that we finished that up and I did my run to Lakewood for fuel and supplies it was a full day for me (8pm) so I never got to pull the rope Sunday and go riding.

This coming weekend brings a lot of big events like the High Falls Fish-o-Rama, the Chute Pond Drag Races, and the Red Arrow Fish-o-Ree. I will try to get those all sorted out and posted this week.

Well the rooster is crowing, so I have to go and get ready for work. I will continue my update tomorrow morning.

Thank you to everyone that made it a great weekend. It was great to see everyone, and thank you for visiting.

Have a good Monday!