Monday February 4th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

It sounds like most people had a good weekend on the trails. People reported mostly nice trails, with some busy and thin spots. One friend reported that he ran into a spot about 30 miles NW of here where for a couple of miles the trail just had half of the snow that any other stretch did. It was like there was a shadow or dry slot in the storm. Strange.

The trails will still be there next weekend. The week will start out on the cold side and warm as it goes. Today we are looking at mid-teens, by Saturday and Sunday we are expecting low 30s. There is a chance of snow Tue, and again Wed night with 1-3 snow totals. The warmer weekend is expected to come in advance of a Sunday afternoon storm that could bring more.

Meeting with all of the riders over the weekend we had some interesting conversations. Several people expressed surprise that there weren’t more people out. One point made was that there were not many families with the cold weekend. I can definitely see that. Other suggestions included the widespread snow and and Super Bowl weekend.

We also established that the trails stayed nice under traffic and built minimal whoopties because of the cold. Packing snow is a lot more likely to built stutter bumps or rollers.

I am planning my usual Lakewood/Townsend/Carter run later today and will get a look at trails that way.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!