Monday February 8th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

It was indeed a wild weekend on the trails. An amazing amount of riders took to the trails Saturday. Thank you again to all of you that stopped at Rapids Resort.

We ended the day with about an inch of snow Saturday night, which was promptly eaten by Sunday’s temperatures in the mid-30s. As of 2am Sunday night/Monday morning we have a dusting from a clipper that could bring an inch or so Monday.

That is about our best chance for snow this week. As is traditional behind clippers in a more normal year, we are in for a week of cold weather. Once Tuesday rolls around the high of 19 will be the warmest day until next Sunday. The rest are expected to be in the mid-teens for highs, with lows around zero.

That should keep the sun at bay for the most part, so at least we won’t be going backwards. With only an inch or two of fresh snow this week, the trails will be about like you left them on Saturday, but with a couple of passes from the groomers.

When I ran to Lakewood Saturday the trails still sported full coverage, but there were plenty of stained or snirty spots. The groomers had done their magic Saturday night, so they were flat. The road trails were not looking good.

I did manage to fire up the Indy Trail for a very brief ride Sunday, but with a to-do list as long as my arm, it wasn’t much of a ride.

One of the unexpected things was getting out the roof rake. The warm temperatures and last week’s snow added up to a couple of ice dams on the roof that were backing up the melt water. I would rather have been riding but it needed to be done.

Quite a few groups that passed through Rapids Saturday paused for a picture. I have those all sized up for the net and posted below. If you want an original leave a comment in the comments link by the post title and I will e-mail one to you.

That is about it for this morning. Thank you again to all of the people that made it a very fun weekend. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!