Monday January 13th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

My apologies that I didn’t get to update this morning before work. I woke up later than usual. Monday AND the 13th all in one scoop?! It was an interesting day at work too.

Anyway, it looks like the trails held up pretty well over the weekend. It got into the mid-30s, but traffic was pretty light due to the rainstorm sponsored ice downstate sidelining a lot of riders. For the most part the view from the car today saw only a few bad spots and mostly good trails.

I caught a cold and some bronchitis last week and that held me back over the weekend, but the snow pony is gassed up and the oil tank is full too, and I am off for a ride once I scarf down a quick bowl of chili.

Right now my take is that with what we have now and a few inches expected tomorrow and again late week we should be in good shape for next weekend.

Zoom zoom zoom!