Monday January 11, 2010-Late update


Greetings and welcome!

My afternoon ended with a ride over to Athelstane to top off the tank. It was a very fun ride. The trail was pretty rough in spots, but it was good enough. The fresh snow went a long way hiding the snirty spots.


Ok, so I am not that late. I did my Lakewood Townsend run and came back with a few pictures. Let’s get right to it.

Conditions generally looked great with the fresh snow. It was a little under an inch but it looked a lot nicer. You could see from the staining on the trail that some had gotten snirty.

Driving around it seemed like the new snow on top of the ice made it a little slippery in places. That will bond up quickly with the warm to  cold temperature swings between day and night.

Not much else has changed since my overnight visit Sunday night. The GFS is a lot uglier. The latest run has 33 out of 48 frames showing the 0C line north of us. Each frame is 8 hours. There are also 3 storms showing up that ahem aren’t snow.

Again, don’t sweat it any more than you would believe a 16 day forecast on a huge blizzard. It does look like it will get warm, how bad it gets is the question. I still am not believing that the 3 storms would do what is shown and skunk us for snow. I guess that it could happen, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Well, I am off to do something snowmobile related. It might be getting gas, it might be riding for some, depending on how much is left from last time.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!