Monday January 17th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

The weekend found a fair number of riders out on the trails. Many found good conditions north of Benson Lake Rd, and thin conditions on higher traffic routes like the grade along 32.

Some people reported higher snow totals than I had here. I measured 3″ here repeatedly and saw maybe four in spots. Dan G reported in a comment yesterday that..

“Chute Pond got about 5-6? of snow Friday night, and there was 6-7? when we rode west into Langlade County Saturday morning. Chute Pond trails are freshly groomed and in fair to good condition, which will improve if we get the forecasted 2-4? of snow on Monday. Ride safe- ride sober..”

Thank you Dan!

We have some snow and colder weather ahead this week. It is already getting under way as tonight’s temp is flirting with -5.

We have a storm headed this way that should bring snow by daybreak. Unfortunately for us, the most snowfall will be to our south. The NWS is looking for 1-3 today and maybe an inch tonight for a total of 2-4. The NAM and GFS are showing as much as 3-6 possible, but we are right on the edge of that band, especially on the NAM. The TV says 1-2.

Behind this storm we will see a push of cold air. Most of the week will bring a high of about 10, and lows in the -5 to -10 range. Temps are expected to rise into the mid and upper teens for next weekend, along with a small storm bringing a tease of snow Saturday night.

We could use the snow. Some places got pretty trampled. Frequently mentioned were the RR grade along 32 and the trail to Crooked Lake. The pictures on the River Road Riders site were showing grim conditions to the east.

The best conditions reports came from north of Benson Lake Rd, Athelstane and up toward Hwy 8. Points NW were also said to be decent, but watch the heavy use trails.

There isn’t a lot of base in areas, so there were plenty of bumps and rocks under the snow, but a lot of people managed to get in some good miles.

If the world goes according to my plan (and it seldom does) I will be out Tuesday riding the new snow. I have a lot of work to cover and a bit of time out in the shop before it happens, but that is the goal.

Thanks to all of the people that came to Rapids Saturday. My apologies that I wasn’t more energetic, the long nights last week were catching up to me later on.

After the game Slug stopped out with a very generous donation from Ron Rost, one of the Bear Point Sno-Cruisers officers and organizer of the mock snowmobile incident. Thank you both.

I introduced a few people to Slug, who they all knew through reports, events, and all of the other stuff that he does for snowmobiling. It was good to see him get some much deserved fame.

Here are pictures from the weekend. They are also in Saturday’s report.


That is about it for the overnight report. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!