Monday January 19th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

It was a very fun weekend around Silver Cliff. Many riders took to the trails and there were a lot of families too. It was great seeing everyone at Rapids Resort, thank you for visiting and making it so much fun.

We got into the upper thirties Saturday. While it was comfortable riding the warm temperatures and traffic took a toll on the trails.

My Sunday travels took me to Lakewood, Townsend, and Carter, and then to Antigo. The trails were mostly intact on the way to Lakewood with only some dirt on high wear spots. The grade along 32 had full coverage and was flat, but was a little snirty. There was again a little dirt at high wear areas.

Along 64 there was more dirt to go along with mostly full coverage trails. It was pretty thin in Langlade, but the grade by Boulder Lake looked great. On the way to work this morning Wausaukee was looking a little thin.

The bottom line is that we need snow. There are good and bad areas, and the groomers have done what they could with the snow that they had. You certainly can ride, and there are a lot of good areas, but there are bad spots too. North is probably the hot ticket.

We have a couple of chances at some snow this week, but they are small storms with an inch or two at best. Today;s snow went mostly south of Green Bay, but we could still see a little out of it. There are no big storms on the horizon the last time that I checked.

Well I am way behind schedule tonight so I will have to catch up with events and a more in depth look at the weather next time. For now I want to thank everyone for a great weekend and get some pictures posted.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!


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