Monday January 25th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

That was one crappy weekend. It was warm and misting or rain almost all weekend. It is still above 32 at noon Monday.

The Iron Snowshoe has closed trails south of C. North of C they are open to ATVs and snowmobiles if you really want to ride it. Just say no.

The forecast for snow crashed and burned when the second low scooted off to the east and left us with the warm storm only. That was one of the early scenarios presented, but not in the last five or six model runs. We actually had good agreement among models and for several runs, and the lots of snow scenario was being offered as late as Saturday night when I checked. Call it a painful reminder that it is just a forecast, and I shouldn’t believe it ’till I can roll around in it.

I have not gotten enough reports to establish where the rain snow line was. The radar last night showed it as close as about Carter, but the radar isn’t always that precise.

Looking ahead there is a cold week ahead and some chances of light snow. There are no major storms obvious on the 16 day, but that could easily change.

I reported that I was off of the trail until it snowed after my Thursday ride due to poor conditions. It has been well above 32 and raining since Friday, it is hard to imagine any area trails being decent anymore.

There are some minor chances for snow ahead. Today the remains of the back of the storm could bring a half inch or so. There are a few other minor disturbances later in the forecast as well, but no big storms yet.

I don’t think that our season is over, but it is for the short term anyway.