Monday January 9, 2017- 11PM Update

Greetings and welcome!


010917a The radar shows that the first wave is about over. The snow was expected to hit mostly between Green Bay and Iron Mountain, and it ended up hitting between Milwaukee and Marinette, about a 100 mile detour.

The graphic on the TV still shows us still getting 2.4″ tonight. They are expecting wave #2 to lift north and still give us another 6″ tomorrow. Tonight’s snow doesn’t look very promising, hopefully tomorrow is better.



Wow.. They are getting a little excited about this storm. We are under a winter storm warning that talks about 4″ overnight and another 4″ tomorrow. It looks like tomorrow’s snow will be a little heavier than tonight’s. The local weather channel 2-2 out of Green Bay has us for 9.1″ by this time tomorrow night.

It is snowing now so we are under way.


Last night’s snow only added up to about 1/2″ or less. Tonight should be a different story.. The NWS is looking for 4″ overnight and 2″ tomorrow. Thursday’s storm is still on track for another 2-4, and hopefully more.

I am happy to see some snow. When I went scouting the road to the trail and the forest roads last night I didn’t like what I saw. The ride to the trail was mostly bare pavement where they had plowed. That gave way to a lot of bare ice. The trails along the road looked nice, but the roads needed snow.