Monday November 15th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

Our weekend snowstorm really hit a lot of areas in Minnesota hard. Some places saw 10-11 inches, including the Twin Cities. The paper said that there were 400 accidents.

Around here we saw about an inch last night  covering grassy areas and cars. Unlike MN, and farther NW in WI, the roads here stayed wet instead of snow covered. There was reduced visibility as the snow flew in the headlights. It was enough snow to want to clear the windshield with a brush, and a quick sweep of the hand yielded the first snowball of the season.

There was a nice flocking of snow early this morning. By the time that I got up and ready to do a few pics, the sun had eaten it and only left a few patches. That is twice now that it has happened where there was snow when I looked out the window about 5am, but it was gone when I actually got up a few hours later and wanted to snap a picture. It was only 34 or 35 outside, but the snow still vanished. Curses, foiled again.

We have a pretty quiet week ahead in weather. There are a couple of very small disturbances showing up in the region about mid-week. There is a storm for about Friday that is shown going mostly north of Lake Superior. As long as the forecast stays on track, we should have a good weekend with the only weather issue being a chance of light rain Sunday. About Tuesday of next week there is a bigger storm showing up, but at 8 days out details are a little sketchy.

Behind that storm the GFS is showing a big high pressure area forming in the west central US. The clockwise flow will bring increasingly cold weather right through the second weekend of deer hunting and beyond. Toward the end of the 16 day model it shows the cold wave driving deep enough across the eastern half of the US to have upper air temperatures over northern FL cold enough to snow. Being right in that flow, we will see much colder temps as December comes, if the model scenario plays out.

Mostly I just wanted to check in and let you know that this time I actually saw it snow, and we actually had an inch or so on the ground. I am planning on shining around later in the week with an updated forecast and information on hunter’s specials and Thanksgiving buffets in the area.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!