Monday September 14th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

Well I have cleaned up the mess that the script kiddies left behind, and we are back up and secure. The site has been hardened, cleaned, and while never unhackable, they will have to work a little harder.

I am trying out a new theme that I came across when I set up the temporary site. It is supposed to have a lot of features and is built to be very phone friendly.  (Feedback on that would be appreciated, I don’t have a nice phone. I wreck ’em too fast.) So far it is very basic.

A couple of news bits..

Saturday night it got down to 34 degrees. After an abnormally warm stretch, a big cold Canadian air took 0ver and gave us a good cold night.

The other news is that I saw an article a few nights ago that was questioning the durability of our current strong El Nino. The various models forecasts have it peaking about November/December and falling off sharply from there.  One discussion that I saw had it’s demise coming a little faster.

That would be welcome news. It is a strong ElNino. While it might turn out ok, they have a bad reputation for a reason.

Well it’s bed time. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!