N.E.W. Low Buck Vintage Riders 11th Annual Vintage-Antique Snowmobile Show and Swap Saturday, December 6th. 2014

Greetings and welcome!

We have a sunny & 32 degree day today. It is probably the nicest weather ever for the N.E.W. Low Buck Vintage Riders 11th Annual Vintage/Antique Snowmobile Show & Swap.  There was a decent crowd and a lot of really nice old snowmobiles. On the way home I took a side road and got to see how the snow was building up on the road (good except for sunny spots that are bare), my first trail picture of the year, and a winter creek scene.

Someone asked about ice thickness on lakes. I am not sure, but I did see that Popp’s Resort posted a picture on their FaceBook page yesterday taken from the X bridge over High Falls Flowage showing the first few shacks out on the ice. That seems pretty early, but I really don’t know.

I fixed the link to the NCEP forecast models today, but I don;t like what it says. We could see 40s and maybe 50s late next week and weekend. It could change, but the GFS has been showing that pretty consistently.

Well, time to run along and keep after the day’s list. Here are some pictures from our visit to the antique snowmobile show. As always, click one to make it bigger and then you can use the slideshow.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!