November 8th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

It is hard to believe that it has been two months since I have updated. Don’t feel alone, I still have half of my firewood to cut. It has been a very busy fall for me.

COUNTRYMATRADMid-summer I started an LED flashlight business. That has exceeded all expectations, and I have not even started to explore my intended markets. Just wow.

I am having a parking lot sale this Sat at Athelstane Country Mart. Mention that you are from the Big Snow Page and you will be well taken care of. I will also be at Rapids Resort both nights of opening weekend of deer gun season.

I have 800+lumen flashlights and headlamps for under $30, LED floodlights crazy cheap, and automotive and RV LED bulbs. With the exception of my 30w work lights with the rechargeable li-ion batteries ($30), everything is $25 or less.

I still have my full time plus job at Carquest, and with the flashlight biz I am more time challenged than ever. Eventually that will change, but probably not before this winter. After Christmas things should slow down a little.

Anyway, this page took a beating after last season when I moved it to the new server. I was a lot more concerned with the other sites being moved, and never got back to finishing this one before the old server went off-line. I have a little work to do.

Be back soon-



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