Saturday 1-18-2020


Greetings and welcome!

I went out at 9am to measure the snow before the wind comes. The radar shows one more wave of heavy snow coming and then just light stuff on the back of the storm. I measured around the driveway and the hood of the truck. All measurements were 6-7″ with none under 6.

The snow started about 7pm last night and didn’t accumulate much initially. There was about 4-5 at sunrise when I let Fido out. Heavier waves this morning added a couple of inches.

The current NWS forecast has us for light winds today (5-8mph) but it is expected to pick up tonight. ( 8 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.) It is fairly puffy snow so it could blow around a little, especially by roads and trails crossing big open fields.

The Iron Snowshoe did send groomers out last night.

See you at Rapids later!