Saturday 11/30/19 Early Update

Winter Storm Warning Saturday 3pm-Sunday 12 noon


Greetings and welcome!

The big winter storm is still on track and it looks like a dandy.

All of the information that I have in front of me says that we are in for heavy snow and wind Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Both the TV and the NWS forecast have my area (Near Kosir’s in Silver Cliff) ending up with about 13″ or a little more. The forecast models support all of that.

The NWS is expecting 1″ Saturday, 7″ Saturday night, and another 5-6″ Sunday. The storm will bring wind gusts of close to 30mph. With driving wind and heavy snow travel might be difficult at times.

The snow is only part of the story. At times from now through Saturday night we could see sleet, freezing drizzle or freezing rain mix in.

Here is a link to the NWS forecast.

This storm will be a real pain for a lot of people but it will give clubs a head start on getting a trail base going. In WI the trails usually can’t open before 12/15, giving the clubs time to pack trails before the traffic hits. There is 2-4″ of hard snow down (more north & west). Another foot would give the groomers a nice start on putting down a base.

Anyway, it looks like we are in for a big storm.