Saturday 11-30-19 Storm Watch

4:30am Sunday

The snow has picked up. It is now coming as as typical big storm small flakes. The snow is steady and starting to add up. We still have some wind but it is a little less intense than it was.

11:31 pm

I would call it about two inches down, maybe 2.5″ and snowing pretty good. Finally the storm is starting to show some snow. I didn’t think that the porch rail was doing it justice so I checked the north side of the house and driveway. I was right. The porch rail was short by 1-1.5″

2-2.5″ down and snowing good with lots of wind..



It is snowing off and on. Some waves are tiny flakes some bring the big goose down flakes, and some are ice pellets. All are driven by a lot of wind blowing them back and forth. There isn’t much accumulation yet in spite of an impressive radar. I’d call it maybe an inch at best.

I just went out and cleared a porch rail for future photos. There is definitely a little rain coming with the wind driven snow. This will be wet and heavy snow for at least the first part of the storm and I expect a slippery ice glaze on roads.