Saturday 11-4-17

1Pm- The 94 Indy Trail started right up and I got in a couple of victory laps around the driveway. It is really soft and sloppy. It is melting fast and I expect that most of it will be gone by mid-day tomorrow. Looks like a little oak came down by the driveway. That wasn’t a surprise.



My official measurement as of 12:15 is 6″. It could have been a little more earlier, the warm (40ish) day is settling the snow pretty good. It is very wet and heavy, and with mud under it the snow will be miserable to try to move. In the snowmobile season I’d be pretty happy about this. Right now it is just a mess.

11-4-17c        11-4-17d


As of 5am.. other measurements were closer to 4″. Surprise, there is a whole nother wave coming. It is here and snowing hard.