Saturday 11/28/15

Greetings and welcome!

We have a chilly little morning going today. Athelstane Weather is showing 7ºF this morning, off of a low of 5.7. The TV shows Crivitz at 7 and Wabeno at 9.

Yesterday only got up to 29, so a lot of our light snow from Wednesday night survived. When I walked out to check on the well house after work last night it was well frozen and crunchy as I crossed the field, and the light snow was in no danger.

112815aHere is a phone picture of the road on the way to work Friday morning. Areas that had sun in the daytime were a little clearer than this, but this is representative of south shaded side roads.

With all of the rain and then the cold blast there was an icy base and I had a heck of a time getting into my car to go to work Friday morning with the doors frozen shut.

We are looking at a high of 33 today and 35 Sunday, with a low of 11 tonight and a low of 20 Sunday night. At that point we are making progress freezing lakes and the ground.

But will it last?

It does not look good on the 16 day GFS. Other than a little cold air with a storm for about Tuesday, the next few weeks look like they will be well above normal for temperature. El Nino is here and it does not look good for the short term.

I checked on the El Nino last night, and it is going strong. It isn’t a ‘super El Nino’, strongest ever, or any of that hype. It is a good one though, one of the top 4 since 1950, but not as strong as ’98.

The good news is the models have it declining sharply after Christmas, and sometimes a declining ElNino can end well for us.

Well it’s time to make the donuts. Have a good Saturday and thank you for visiting!