Saturday 12-17-16 10pm Update


Greetings and welcome!

It was a bumpy day playing in the snow today. I broke and fixed a lot of stuff and ended the day when I broke the snow plow right off of the A-frame. Obviously on a break-it spree I left the sled for Sunday.

At any rate it snowed another inch or two today. At the end of the day I measured a solid 8″ out in the wood yard. My thought is that it is really more than that, but the puffy snow settled as more fell on top of it. There is a good amount of snow there.

It will be enough to get us on the trails with classic early season conditions. Iron Snowshoe is open, and the Red Arrow and Paul Bunyan Clubs hope to open tomorrow. With less than a foot of snow I’d expect it to be on the thin side, but enough for a ride. I hope to find out tomorrow.

The next big storm on the GFS forecast model is for about the 27th, and there are no big 40ยบ+ thaws obvious.

That’s news for tonight. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!




Greetings and welcome!

There is a fat white blanket covering everything this morning. A look out the window finds about 6-7″ for a first guess. It is puffy snow so it will settle. I am going to get a lot closer look in a little while as I start the digging out process. I do expect to take the 500 for at least a driveway spin later today.

I will be working on getting a new trail camera for when I ride, and we will be seeing more pictures here once it arrives.

More to follow soon.