Saturday 12/12/15

Greetings and welcome!
We have a big storm heading this way for tonight and tomorrow. It doesn’t look like much on radar at the moment, but the forecast is for as much as 2-3″ of rain by Monday afternoon.

We have had plenty of warm weather lately and it is continuing. Right now it is 40 at noon, and we are expecting 45. There is a lot of cloud cover so it doesn’t feel too warm, but it is nice enough that I will be doing outside work today. Tomorrow’s forecast is for low 50s along with the rain.
Looking at the forecast it will be late next week before we get back to some normal temperatures. The NWS has next Thursday and Friday forecast to have highs in the upper 20s and lows in the upper teens.
Talking to a friend today we were discussing the frost in the ground. There isn’t any. We agreed that when we do get cold weather the frost will build fast with all of the moisture in the ground. Water is a very effective conductor of heat, and we have been having a lot of rain this fall. At that point when it does freeze it won’t take long to get a foot of frost in the ground.

We also both thought that winter will be back with a vengeance late this month or in January.

Thursday after I was talking about registrations and trail passes Jeff Schwaller weighed in with a comment on how the antique snowmobiles are handled. Not everyone sees the comment link up by the post title, so I am re-posting it here.

Hi Ray, I thought perhaps as long as you are talking about registrations we could make folks aware of the recent modifications to the WI ANTIQUE snowmobile registration.

The ANTIQUE snowmobile registration is for sleds 35 years and older. It looks and is implemented very much like the regular PUBLIC registration. Difference is the fee structure, initially when you ANTIQUE register your older sled it will cost you $20 for 3 years. When the 3 years is up and you need to renew, It only costs $5 for every 3 years there after. You can take advantage of this regardless of wether you reside in WI or are from another state. ALSO NO TRAIL PASS OF ANY KIND IS REQUIRED FOR THESE SLEDS IF THEY HAVE THE ANTIQUE REGISTRATION!

Thank you, Jeff Schwaller
AWSC Director for Marinette Co.
Pres. N.E.W. Low Buck Vintage Riders S.C.

Thanks Jeff!

Well it is 40 degrees out and not raining so I am off to tackle some outside projects.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!