Saturday 12/19

Greetings and welcome!

The Big Snow Page has evolved a little bit in the last 24 hours. There is now a hot topics section for urgent stuff (top right), a page with the snowmobile clubs, an event page with some events, a tech section page, and yes a donation button.

There is still some work to do. The events page needs more organizing and stuff like Eagle River and the Fantasy Moto snow cross poster added. I will again link in the people pictures from the last few years and start a new album for this year’s pictures. I also want to add towns to the club listings.

Still under consideration is the spam farm(message board). I am searching for one that has the Askimet or something similar to help weed out the undesirables. The past few years the spam to real post ratio was like 3000:1. That is why I shut it down.

With the Askimet plug-in on this page, you can comment without registering, and usually it will post right away. If you have been blackballed by another blog or have more than two links in the post, you get held for moderation. I want a message board like that.

There is one that some people have hacked together, but the underlying message board is poor and it is a lot of code bustin’ to come away with mediocre or worse results.

So, my short term answer is the comments. I expect stuff like trail X was bumpy or great, as well as 2007 snowmobile for sale. In the case of the events page,  you can post events that I missed, and your club on the club page. I am considering a guest book too, but that is in the wants column and I am still in the needs list.

Later today I hope to get out and do a few trail pictures. Then I will feel a little more like it is really winter and I am really back.

As far as the look of the site, I kind of like the present theme. I might change it for the holidays, but this one is growing on me. If I can figure out which style sheet the font size is on and maybe a better header, it could be the one.

A few weeks into the season, once the traffic picks up, I will be working at the Rapids Resort on Saturday afternoons again this year.  With the exception of the second weekend in Feb I should be around, and will gladly take a picture of you guys to post on the net.

Well, it was another productive night, but I am off to sleep. It is already 27º at 5am, holding promise of  a warm (30ish) day. I am way behind on my  outside work, and I am looking forward to tacking some of that stuff later today.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!