Saturday 2-18-2023

Greetings and welcome!

I took a ride around the neighborhood in the car running errands today. I was happy to see that 90-95% of the trail base was a still  an intact block of ice.

Yes folks once again it is the time of the season where the sun is making a huge difference. Here are two pictures of the same road. One is where there is full sun, one is right around the corner where it is shaded from the south with big pines. I’m not sure why my phone turned the snow one into a cartoon but it still gets the point across.

There is some hope for the future. Looking at the forecast models there is a chance of a 1-3 or 2-4 storm Tuesday, a big one Wednesday-Thursday and another small one Friday night. If there were a BUY IT NOW button on the forecast models I’d be clicking that sucker like crazy. The GFS is showing snowfall in the 10-15″ range by the end of the week.  The Euro is showing a heavier band a little south of us but we are still in the 10-12″ range by next Saturday.

With a big ice base in all but the sunny spots we should be able to ride again next weekend. Well.. that is if the forecast holds up to what it shows today. That is one big IF considering recent history.

Should the snow actually come there might be a few re-routes around swamps and low areas. We had a lot of melting and that water goes somewhere. No biggie. Sunny road trails won’t have a base. Other than that there is a lot of good trail  base out there waiting for snow.

When I was out Friday night there were a lot of people around considering that trails were closed. Hopefully that translated to a lot of successful events. Most of those are fundraisers for either local fire & rescue or the snowmobile clubs so we always like to see a big crowd.

That’s it from here. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!